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Virtual Recruitment
Automatically identify and engage the right candidates on 1200+ college campuses.
Virtual Recruitment
Do more with automatic sourcing
The only sourcing tool that automatically identifies and engages the right candidates and gets smarter over time.
Automatic Sourcing
Grace Williams
Grace Williams
Sr. Manager University Recruiting, Palo Alto Networks
“We love RippleMatch because it doesn't create additional sourcing work, targets the exact talent we are looking for, and reaches across many universities we can't visit in person. It's the perfect complement to the work my team is doing on-campus.“
Access a comprehensive talent network
Students on 1200+ college campuses in all 50 states use RippleMatch to discover new opportunities.
Students create detailed profiles that include a resume, work authorization, and demographic information.
73% of RippleMatch users identify with an underrepresented group like women in STEM and racial/ethnic minorities.
Talent Network
Nicole Tyburski
Nicole Tyburski
Director of Talent Management, Legrand
“With RippleMatch we have managed to go 100% virtual in our approach to sourcing, significantly driving down talent acquisition costs and increasing our productivity. This approach has also helped us hire the most diverse class in the history of our program.“
Target the right talent
Search and filter for schools, majors, experiences, diversity, work authorization and 300+ data points on RippleMatch profiles that don’t exist anywhere else.
Source Algorithm
Make your recruiting data driven
Measure progress and showcase ROI to leadership with our real time analytics portal and sophisticated reporting capabilities.
Analytics Dashboard
Run virtual events like a pro
The most powerful platform to manage and market early career recruitment events.
Events Dashboard
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