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Employer Branding
Share your story and build awareness with the right students on 1200+ college campuses.
Employer Branding
Share your story
Create beautiful branded pages and content for an audience of college students from 1200+ colleges and universities across the country.
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Danielle Greenberg
Danielle Greenberg
Head of Campus Recruiting at Roivant Sciences
“We are a small campus team with less brand recognition than larger companies in our industry. RippleMatch has helped us overcome these challenges by expanding our reach to campuses across the country and making the most of our limited time with their automated tools. They have been an extension of my team for years now, and I wouldn’t be nearly as successful without them.“
Build awareness with your target audiences
Run branded marketing campaigns targeted to students with desired skills, experiences, motivations, and 300+ data points on RippleMatch profiles that don’t exist anywhere else.
Diversity Analytics
Run branded recruitment events like a pro
Access the most powerful platform for managing and marketing early career recruitment events.
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